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Emerald Book
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This Site is Dedicated to the
Natural Emerald Treasures Found in North Carolina

Home of the Largest and most Valuable Emeralds ever found in North America!

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310 ct emerald crystal found Aug 2009 by Terry Ledford

Carolina Emperor
North America's
Largest Faceted Emerald!
64.83 ct gem cut from
the 310 ct crystal found Aug 2009

North America's
Largest Emerald Crystal!
1,869 ct found 2003 by Jamie Hill

30.8 ct faceted emerald cut from a 67 ct crystal which was part of a 666 ct cluster of emerald crystals found in 1991 in Mitchell Co., NC (not from the Crabtree mine).

Did you know?
Rank Carats Emerald

1         1,869      NAEM Emerald 2003 NAEM Mine, 19.5 cm, Houston Museum Natural Science, Houston, TX
2         1,686      LKA Emerald 1984 NAEM Mine, 3.8 x 11.4 cm, LKA collection, Gig Harbor, WA
3         1,493      Reitzler/Williams/Hartwell Twin 1971 Adams Mine, 2.7 x 10.5 cm, Smithsonian Institute, Washington, DC
4         1,492      Lineberger Emerald (Carolina Queen Emerald) 1979 Crabtree Mine, 3 x 15 cm Also reported to be 1,676 cts
5         1,438      Finger Emerald (Stephenson Emerald) 1969 NAEM Mine, 5.4 x 7.3 cm, LKA collection, Gig Harbor, WA
6         1,400      Hill Emerald 2007 NAEM Mine, NAEM collection, Hiddenite, NC Newest Discovery!
7         1,377      Bolick/Arnold Cluster 1971 Adams Mine, Smithsonian Institute, Washington, DC
8         1,276      Hidden Emerald 1881 Adams Mine, 21.6 cm, stolen from American Museum Natural History in 1950, still missing
9         1,270      Hidden Emerald 1886 Adams Mine, 4.1 x 7.0 cm,Smithsonian Institute, Washington, DC
10       1,215      Baltzley Twin 1970 Adams Mine
11          965      Hill Emerald 2006 NAEM Mine, Houston Museum Natural Science, Houston, TX

12         934.9    Bolick Twin 1971 Adams Mine, 3.5 x 6.5 x 14.0 cm, Houston Museum Natural Science, Houston, TX
13          900      Reitzler/Williams/Hartwell Twin 1971 Adams Mine, Houston Museum Natural Science, Houston, TX
14          858      Empress Caroline 1998 NAEM Mine, Southeastern Emerald Consortium collection
15          817.5   Baltzley Twin 1971 NAEM Mine
16          750      Wright Emerald 1907 Ellis Mine
, 3.8 x 5.1 cm
17          722.7   Bolick Emerald 1977Adams Mine, Grandfather Mountain Nature Museum, Linville, NC
18          591      Hill Twin 2006 NAEM Mine, NAEM
collection, Hiddenite, NC
19          467      Ormond Twin on Goethite 1969 NAEM Mine, 1.4 x 8.9 cm, Dal-An Museum, locatin unknown
20          450     
Reitzler/Williams/Hartwell Emerald 1971 Adams Mine, North Carolina Museum Natural Sciences, Raleigh, NC

Where known, the dimensions & locations of the above crystals are given

+ $3,500,000 North America's Largest uncut Emerald NAEM Emerald 1,869 cts sold as museum specimen, valued at over $3.5M!
+ $1,500,000 North America's Largest faceted Emerald Adams Farm, found 2009
+ $1,000,000 Carolina Queen 18.8 cts cut gem in diamond setting, North America's largest and most valuable cut emerald!

$619,000 Carolina Prince 7.85 cts cut gem in diamond setting, Highest price ever paid per carat for a North American cut gemstone! (2007 dollars)
$456,000 Tiffnay Emerald 13.14 cts cut gem (aka Carolina Emerald), (2007 dollars)
$100,000 Carolina Dutchess 8.85 cts cut gem


Emerald Crystal Pockets of the Hiddenite District, Alexander Co, NC

Wade Edward Speer, MS Geology

Fieldtrip Guidebook
Prepared for the
Geological Society
of America
Southeastern Section
Annual Meeting
Charlotte, NC
April 2008

Please see note below concerning emerald mines open to the public in North Carolina

The Most Complete Guide to NC Emeralds !

The most complete coverage of the
Emeralds of Hiddenite
The Latest Discoveries
High Resolution Color Plates
29 Images including 12 Emerlads
See inside Crystal Pockets
New Geological Insights
28 pages
Fully Referenced
Simply the best geologic & pictorial guide ever published on these depsoits

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Please note that all of the emerald mine properties in North Carolina are privately owned and potential visitors should arrange permission before arriving on the property. The NAEM mine at Hiddenite is NOT open to the public. Only two mines are open to the public for mineral collecting:
1) The Crabtree Emerald Mine near Little Switzerland, NC
2) The
Emerald Hollow Mine at Hiddenite, NC

For information on other mineral collecting sites in North Carolina, see: and

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